Globalization and National security Threats

Globalization is a process by which people connect globally to have an economical, international cultural and political expand. This has undoubtedly resulted in an incredible increase in the world’s economy on a national and international basis and has promoted different cultures. Political globalization has influenced different countries, and United Nations is an excellent example of this. Besides of this vast range of advantages, globalization has raised some threats too. It has impacted national security to a disturbing extent.

National security, if more elaborated, is something that protects the nation against harmfully external impacts affecting the economy, politics, military as well as humans. This is highly affected by the Internet, which is far from following and implementing any national or international boundaries. National security threats are increasing more due to this means of globalization as many technologies have been introduced that are violating the security needs. Cybercrimes have been increased due to this increased technologies, affecting personal information and economy to a threatening level.

Globalization has also increased global crimes as weapons trade have influenced street crimes and becoming threatened to a major extent. Money laundering has become easy as due to Greater facilities of money transferring internationally, globalized banking and currency relaxation strategies.

Moreover, human trafficking has also been increased across borders and drugs are being transported internationally through illegal means. To avoid hectic legal procedures, people prefer illegal means to travel across. Globalization has also affected the national cultures of some countries badly. This has also increased job securities as the global market is increasing day by day with continuously changing strategies and increasing competition to cope with the growing demand for trading. All these have raised national security threats and reached a drastic level. As being so Benefitting, on the one hand, globalization has proved to be so threatening also that is violating national security, increasing global threats.

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